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Ephemeral Pages Audiobook

Ephemeral Pages Audiobook

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In an intoxicating world where fantasy and reality collide, Melody, a spirited romance writer with a penchant for pushing boundaries, finds herself entangled in a seductive dance with her character-Loki, the beguiling trickster God of Chaos. With desire as the battleground and ecstasy as the prize, she can't help but provoke Asgard's sexy Black Prince. It's his fault-he demanded her time and attention and then ignored her for weeks, letting Thor pick up the slack. She's done jumping through Loki's hoops. No more getting his cake and eating it, too. And while it's a game they've played before, her birthday celebration takes an unexpected turn and becomes a whirlwind of wild festivities with her other characters as she refuses to submit.

Has Melody pushed the Norse god too far? Will Loki's retaliation be more intense than ever, or is there a twist in this tantalizing tale that even Melody, his writer, cannot foresee? Can Melody withstand the consequences of tempting a god, or will she be swept away in a torrent of divine passion?


This compilation includes the middle four episodes of the Breaking The 4th Wall series: Fury Of The Storm (Episode 5); Birthday Party (Episode 6); After Party (Episode 7); and Sub Drop (Episode 8). If you like hot Norse mythology tales featuring spicy gods, a dash of magic, and humour woven around a predominately urban paranormal fantasy, dive into this metafiction series. In this bundle, you'll find themes of different worlds, polyamory, emotional scars, fight or flight, dominant alpha hero, jealous god, and bargain comes due. Season One consists of twelve episodes, each telling the tale of a fantasy romance writer and her ongoing struggle to write her trilogy while her characters upend her life every time they invade her reality. But more than her story is at risk. She wouldn't be foolish enough to fall in love with one of her characters, would she?

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